Masters Thesis defense

Efficient Functional Programming using Linear Types: The Array Fragment
Master’s thesis in Computer Science

Time and place

Thursday June 11th, 15:00 (1 hour)

Conference room 520, Jupiter building.
Campus Lindholmen

How to get there

Take Bus 16 from the “Chalmers” station, direction Eketrägatan. Get off at the Lindholmen bus stop, just after the Regnbågatan stop.

The room is in the Jupiter building; it is connected by a bridge to the colorful Lindholmspiren building; and has an SEB branch in the ground floor. Enter by the door closest to the SEB branch, and then take the lift to floor 5.


With linear logic (Girard, 1997) we can express computation in more detail than with traditional functional programming calculi.

We shed some light on the benefits and difficulties of implementing a programming language using linear logic. We will explore the main constructs in the system, and see some practical examples.

The talk will focus on the more practical aspects of the work.



Why Lindholmen?

Due to organizational constraints, it is required that the presentation is held in Lindholmen.

Travel funding may be available for people traveling from Johanneberg.
Contact the defendant for details.

Will it be different from previous talks?

There is new material in response to feedback given, such as extended benchmarks, a clearer model of what a semantics would be, and a better introduction to the connectives. However, not all of it will make it into the presentation.